Frequently asked questions
March 29, 2017

I need to speak to someone
Call our help number at +1.815.966.5425. If we aren’t available to answer the phone, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where do I report problems?
You can fill out the feeback form, contact us at +1.815.966.5425 or email us here.

What is the source for the ingredient data?
It is the ingredient deck and part of the guaranteed analysis data that is required by the FDA and state regulators on all pet food products sold in the United States.

How is it collected?
Our data analysts track the pet food market and manually add and subtract products as they become available in the U.S. market. This is done by monitoring multiple sources of information. The database is updated constantly.

Where does the company data come from?
The company information is collected by Petfood Industry as part of its Top Companies database on This information is updated periodically by survey and research.

My company’s product isn’t listed, what do I do?
We try to be perfect, but we aren’t. Report any products you are aware of that are missing from the database by filling out this form.

Do you collect informationmation on treats?
While we have some treats in the database, we make no claim to being a complete source of information on treats. Our focus is dog and cat dry and wet food. If there is enough demand for treat information we may expand in the future.

Do you track label claims, such as natural or grain free?
We're in the early stages of tracking those claims. Look for more additions as we grow.

Can I download larger lists, like all the products for one brand?
The answer is no. To protect our data security – that means keeping it from being downloaded and used by other competitors – we have built in some limitations on the size of file you can download and that three criteria need to be entered to run a search. We know this makes a little harder for you to build the list you’re looking for, but it makes it a lot harder for the bad guys to steal our data.

Is this a multi-user license?
Both the analysis and full memberships are designed as single-user licenses with one user. We can’t stop you from sharing your login, but we will be monitoring usage and will contact you about a multi-user license if we see excessive use or use from two computers at once.
Multi-user licenses are available. Talk to us for details at +1.815.966.5425 or email us here.

Can you bill my company?
Yes. Just check the bill-me box. We’ll work with you to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Talk to us for details at +1.815.966.5425

Is there a trial search available?
Yes, we can set you up with a one-day trial of full membership. This is a one-time only trial and use will be closely monitored. Contact us for details at +1.815.966.5425 or email us here.

What is your connection to Petfood Industry or Petfood Forum?
We are a brand extension of Petfood Industry and are part of WATT Global Media. Petfood Industry staff is involved in our product, and our company data is from the Top Companies listings on

I’m a regular advertiser with Petfood Industry and have relationship with my salesperson. Can they help me?
Yes, purchase of full membership and multi-user licenses can be made through your Petfood Industry sales representative.

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