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March 29, 2017

We are constantly searching for the latest food products in the U.S. pet food market. Every product we find is added to our database with nutrition data and ingredient information, as shown on the packaging for the product.

Information is updated weekly with the latest changes, additions and deletions from the U.S. market.

There are multiple ways to search the products and ingredients in our database. Search by brand or either inclusiion or exclusion of a specific ingredient or mulitiple ingredients.

We offer two levels of registration or membership.

Registered user

  • Free registration is required to run a sample search

Full Pet Food Data Center access (includes analysis package)

  • 1 month subscription: $949
  • 1 year subscription: $10,000
  • Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period.

*Membership is per user or seat.
*Enterprise solutions are available. Contact us for more information.

Ingredient search
The search tool operates differently for different levels of membership

Nonregistered viewer

  • No search functionality -- can not run sample search

Registered user

  • Sample searches -- searches are only of one ingredient and one result is shown.

Full membership

  • Unlimited searches.
  • Searches can made narrowing by brand, multiple ingredients and excluding ingredients.
  • Detailed results include full ingredient deck for each product.
  • Searches can be saved.
  • Results can be downloaded.
  • User can link to full company information of dog and cat food manufacturers.
  • We do reserve the right to monitor all search activity and anyone suspected of downloading excessive amounts of data will be removed from the system.

Our data analysts will use the tool to research the trends in ingredient use and new products coming into the market. These articles will be available to registered members.

If you have an ingredient or topic you would like analyzed, request it at info@pet-ingredients.com.

Industry news
Our editors and data analysts curate and report on company news, new product news and other important news, much of it from PetfoodIndustry.com, our sister web site.

Newly added products
This section is a way to keep tabs on products being introduced to pet food consumers in the United States. We are continually searching for the latest introductions. Information is updated weekly with the latest changes, additions and discontinued products.

Full members can see more detail on the recently added and modified products.

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