Trends in dog and cat food seen at SuperZoo
August 03, 2017
This label on a new product released by Open Farm at SuperZoo 2017 contains numerous claims about ethical issues. | photo by Tim Wall

In the new product showcase of SuperZoo, the claims made on the labels of many new dog and cat foods exemplified three trends focused on ethical concerns and pet health. SuperZoo 2017, a pet industry trade show, was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from July 24 to 27.

1. Clean Label not empty labelClean label pet food seems to be a rising trend. Yet, while clean label marketing focuses on short, simple ingredient panels, the rest of the labels on some new products` contained numerous claims. These pet foods and treats boasted to be a combination of:

  • grain-free, potato-free,
  • high-protein, raw,
  • made in the USA, no Chinese ingredients,
  • meat first,
  • organic, non-GMO,
  • humane, cage-free, grass-fed, wild-caught, cruelty-free
  • family-owned or
  • high omega-3 fatty acids
    For example, Open Farm's new cat food on display at SuperZoo featured these label claims: sustainable, locally grown, humane, family farmed, grain-free and pasture-raised lamb.


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